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Bhojpur At a Glance

The present Bhojpur came into existence in 1972. Earlier this district was part of old Sahabad district. In the year 1972 Sahabad district was bifurcated in two parts namely Bhojpur and Rohtas. Buxar was a subdivision of old Bhojpur district. In 1992, Buxar became a separate district and rest of Bhojpur district has now three sub-divisions – Ara Sadar,Jagdishpur and Piro. Ara town is the headquarters of the district and also its principal town.

It is located at a Longitude of 83º-45′ to 84º-45′ East and the latitude is 25º-10′ to 25º-40′ North.

Height from Sea

The Bhojpur district is situated at height of 192.989 meters from Sea.

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Bhojpur in India


  • Bhojpur occupies a total of 2474 sq. kms.
  • Main Rivers are Ganga and Sone
  • Perinniel Rivers are Kumhari, Cher, Banas, Gangi.
  • Total Cultivated Area (2001-2002) (All four seasons) = 241926 Hect.
  • Net Cultivated Area (2001-2002) = 177275 Hect.
  • Net Irrigated Area (2001-2002) = 126830 Hect.
  • Main Crops = Rice, Wheat, Macca, Gram.