Places of Interest

Some of the best places to visit in Bhojpur District are mentioned below :

  1. Sun Temple, Tarari : The Dev village of Tarari block has statue of the SUN GOD besides several other deities. These statues are said to be of 14 th century or even before.
  2. Veer Kunwar Singh Qila, Jagdishpur : The great warrior of 1857 belonged to Jagdishpur. His fort is still there to reminds us of the great son of the soil who fought for the freedom till his last.
  3. Maharaja College, Ara : The present Maharaja college premises is an important historical site. There is an entry point of a tunnel that is believed to be connected with the Jagdishpur fort of Kunwar Singh.
  4. Shahi Masjid : This five Gumbad Masjid, the second of its kind in India was constructed by Shahjahan in 1623 AD. This is situated near Aranya Devi temple.
  5. Karbala, Masjid of Maulabagh : This Masjid was built around 1817 with Aurangjeb’s assistance. It is situated at Maula Bagh muhalla at Ara.
  6. Aranya Devi Temple : This is famous temple of Aranya Devi (Forest Goddess). She is said to be the deity goddess of Ara town . Here one statue is of ADI SAKTI and the second is established by the PANDAVAs. The temple is very old and draws many devotees every day. It is situated at the top of stone boulders.
  7. Chaturvuj Narayan Mandir : This very ancient statue of Laxmi -Narayan is situated at Chaturvuj village of Piro block.
  8. Bhavani Mandir : Chaturvuj Baraon – 13th century statue .
  9. Jagdamba Mandir : Here is an ancient statue of Goddess Jagdamba at Mukundpur village of Charpokhari block.
  10. Parswanath Mandir ; It is a century old Jain Temple located at Masadh Village. Mahamaya Mandir
    This temple is at Ekwari village of Sahar block. This was made during Mughal period.
  11. Jain Sidhant Bhawan : It has a such library which contains unique collection of materials related to Jainism.
  12. Paihari Jee Ka Ashram : It is an ashram at Dhrampur village at Sahar block.
  13. Kurwa Shiv : There are some ancient statues related to Banasur. It is situated in Shahpur – Billoti Road.
  14. Venkatesh Mandir : This temple situated at Perhap village has a statue of Southern architectural style.
  15. Shahi Jama Masjid : This Masjid was built by Shershah, which is located at Garhani Bazzar. Renovation work is in progress here.
  16. Lakar Sah Ki Mazar : It is situated at Sahpur, it a famous mazar of a local muslim saint.